Seattle is a “Metroplex” established by several North American governments and Megacorporations. While technically under the administration of the UCAS and surrounded by the Sidhe-Salish Council, it is functionally independent and extraterritorial.

Every major government and corporation that does business in the Northern hemisphere has at least an embassy or office in Seattle, with several Megacorps having established entire extraterritorial arcologies and enclaves within and around the city. It is a bustling, socially, racially and metatypically diverse city where anything seems possible and every day refugees and immigrants from all over the globe arrive seeking to make a new start.

It is a city of vice and violence, of lawless megacorps and corrupt police, of gangs and prostitutes and drug dealers, of mercenaries and assassins. Anything can be had for a price, and sometimes that price is shockingly low. Some parts of the city are controlled completely by gangs or organized crime, in some cases acting like a fairly effective local government and in others turning entire neighborhoods into dangerous Z-zones. Even in the nice parts of town no one goes out unarmed, and daily brutal violence is accepted and banal. Murders, disappearances and gang violence are common, and the “police”, Knight Errant, are underfunded, unmotivated and corrupt. Justice is expensive and rare.

Nations have their own elite (or not) security forces in their embassies and enforce their own laws within their gates, and corporate offices often boast private security. Corp arcologies are entire neighborhoods that are corporate territory and company policy is enforced by corporate security forces. In areas where gangs or syndicates have taken control, they can impose their own “laws” and enforce them with brutal efficiency.


Seattle Districts:


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