Character Creation

Starting characters in Saints Run are going to be somewhat underpowered compared to “normal” starting Shadowrun characters, but progression will be quicker and rewards will be bigger.


Every starting character will also receive a boon as a gift from the GM. Once you have the character concept but before you really start diving into character creation, we will discuss an appropriate boon and a story as to how you acquired it.


Characters will be created using a “sum to 8” priority method. You will receive 8 points to spend on your Priorities, and priority ‘A’ is not allowed:

Priority Cost
A n/a
B 3
C 2
D 1
E 0

You need to choose five priorities. This means you could have priorities B B C E E, or you could have C C C C E, or B C D D E, or any other combination that adds up to 8. Then assign your priorities on the usual priority character generation table in the Shadowrun Core Rulebook, and create your character as normal.

Karma and Qualities

Everyone starts with 20 Karma and can take up to a maximum of 25 Karma worth of Negative Qualities. You may spend a maximum of 25 Karma on Positive Qualities. Karma can be converted to Nuyen at any time during character creation at a cost of 1 Karma for 2,000 Nuyen, up to a maximum of 20,000 Nuyen.

Alternate Metatypes

If you want to use an alternate metavariant from Run Faster, you can use the alternate race priority charts on pages 106-107.

Starting Gear

You cannot purchase any item with an Availability greater than 10 as a starting character. It can still be unrestricted, or R or F. Nothing can have a Device Rating greater than 5.


Everyone gets a shared Low lifestyle for 400 Nuyen a month each. The multipliers for Trolls and Dwarves and metavariants only applies to their share.


Everyone gets a free Fixer contact (to be named later) at Loyalty 2 and Connection 2. In addition to this you only receive free points to spend on starting contacts equal to your Charisma to represent your inexperience in the Shadows. You may also spend Karma on starting Contacts.

Character Creation

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