Campaign Concept:

Over-the-top cinematic action in a crap-sack world. Shadowrun at its most ridiculous in a setting inspired by the cities of Stilwater and Steelport.

In this campaign Seattle is a true freeport. There is a minimal government making minimal laws that cover the handful of public spaces not controlled by one of the megacorps with operations in the city. Public Law Enforcement is provided by Knight Errant, and they are underpaid, underequipped, corrupt and lazy. Within corp zones company policy is enforced by corporate security. Everyone carries a gun in anything lower than an ‘A’ security zone, and then bodyguards carry the guns. Violence is common and unremarkable, crime is rampant and largely unpunished, society is degenerate and obsessed with sex and violence and drugs and vice and the media and corps feed that to control the populace. The megacorps themselves are essentially above any law but capitalism and fight a shadow war between themselves.

That’s where the players come in…
The team will start off at a fairly low power level as a group of gangers, losers, dropouts and geeks trying to make a name for themselves in the lucrative world of professional shooting-people-and-blowing-up-things-for-money (also known as Shadowrunning). Karma and resource rewards will be plentiful and power levels will increase quickly.


(Things to watch and read to better understand the feel of the game.)

Setting info:

Shadowrun has a long, rich history. You can read all about it in the official timeline of the world from 1999 through the present-day of the 2070’s, presented by long time NPC, Captain Chaos.

Hoi chummer, you gotta’ grok the talk if you want to run the shadows without getting geeked. This slang guide is about as good as any slick guide to “hip slang” that any other corp has published. It’s not all bad, but you have to separate the wiz from the drek.

In 2057 the Great Dragon Dunkelzahn was elected President of the UCAS, and promptly assassinated. His will is one of the most interesting documents in the Shadowrun canon. The effects of many of the disbursements are still being felt today, rippling through the Sixth World.


Weapons/vehicles: If you find a fictional or real weapon, vehicle or other piece of gear and want it, bring it to the GM and I’ll stat it out for the game (or tell you why I’m rejecting it). Most of the time it will be functionally identical to an existing piece of kit, however I reserve the right to introduce entirely new gear. Remember, anything added to the game for players is also added in general, so if you as to introduce an amazing, overpowered gun, expect that elite security teams might start carrying them as well.


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