• Allie


    A bit shy, but a wiz-hot decker. She takes commissions, but she'll do favors for her friends. Weakness for real chocolate.
  • Bridgette DeMance

    Bridgette DeMance

    A down-on-her-luck former-pop star. She makes her living as a grifter and freelance face.
  • CheapyD


    Loud, belligerent and dumb, but loyal to a fault. His mouth gets him in trouble.
  • Dandy Lando

    Dandy Lando

    Fixer, slumlord and deepweed enthusiast
  • Goober


    Short and round with a shaggy beard and long hair hidden under a denim cap. He can fix anything with an engine.
  • Marrow


    Sweet, caring and exceptionally scary. She doesn't like clothes, and no one is dumb enough to push the issue.
  • Morningstar


    Only comes out at night, sleeps in the basement during the day. No one is sure if she is a mage, a vampire, or just a goth.
  • Officer Kasim

    Officer Kasim

    Flamboyant ex-Lone Star officer who now works for Dandy Lando. Still likes wearing a uniform and badge so he made his own.
  • Ricky "Scout" Smitts

    Ricky "Scout" Smitts

    A young ork street punk, idolizes gangers
  • Spike Longfellow III

    Spike Longfellow III

    Badass ganger from a long line of badass gangers, might be an Adept
  • Steffan Magma

    Steffan Magma

    A quiet professional who keeps to himself, but tends to get weepy when he drinks
  • Thrash Dan

    Thrash Dan

    He only likes to do three things: Rock, drink and fight. Bathing is not one of them.
  • Varia


    Exhibitionist, raver and technomancer. She makes no secret of her abilities (or her body). Friendly rivalry with Allie. No one knows where her money comes from.
  • Wideshot


    Adrenaline junky that enjoys running with various local go-gangs but isn't a member. She cares more about her bike than she could about any gang.